What to read from Newspapers 16 March 2023

What to read from Newspapers 16 March 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Front Page

Exports fall 8.8%, trade deficit shrinks over 7%

Governor cannot precipitate the fall of an elected govt.: SC


Trade policy may be revised after eight years from April 1

‘States identified for PM textile scheme to be named soon’ (


Russia vows to retrieve drone wreckage, U.S. says taken steps to protect equity of aircraft

Saudi Arabia can start investing in Iran ‘very quickly’


House panel questions huge cut in budget for MGNREGS

Two years to shift to new minimum age of marriage

Milk, meat see rise in production: Ministry of Animal Husbandry

‘NGOs got over ₹22,000-cr. foreign funds in 2021-22’

Foreign lawyers, firms can operate in India, says BCI

NCBC works with just two appointees: Centre in RS

Eric Garcetti confirmed as U.S. envoy to India

Railways’ video surveillance system project stumped by lack of security clearance

Current procedure for inclusion on ST list adequate: govt.

Text & Context

On reservation for women in politics


A sustainable model for women’s leadership

Friction over formula: why some States get more from Centre


China, India and the promise of the power of two

Lessons learnt

Sharp divides

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The Indian Express Important News Articles


SCO meet India invites Defence Minister of Pak; page 11 (GS II)

Beijing plays peace-maker; page 12 (GS II)

Stolen Treasure; page 12 (GS I)

White Matter; page 12 (GS III)

The Village by the Border; page 12 (GS III)

Unions of our own choice; page 13 (GS I)

Towards e-justice; page 13 (GS II)

Upsetting a delicate balance; page 13 (GS II)

Banks that are ‘too big to fail’; page 15 (GS III)

Pre-arrest Bail; page 15 (GS II)

What is Xi’s new 24-character mantra for China; page 15 (GS II)

Holding joint exercises with Russia, Iran this week, says China; page 16 (GS II)

Start-ups make a beeline for Gift City to move money after SVB collapse; page 17 (GS III)

Front Page

Threats, dissent can’t be ground for governor to call floor test : SC

Foreign lawyers, law firms can practice in select fields says BCI

Exports dip, Govt plans to curb non-essential imports

In Parliament

House panel flags cut in NREGS budget says scheme last resort of succour for rural poor

US senate confirms Eric Garcetti as envoy to India

Express Network

SCO meet : India invites Defence Minister of Pak


Beijing plays peace maker

The village by the border

Stolen treasure

White matter

Ideas Page

Unions of own choice

Towards e-justice

Upsetting a delicate balance

Express Network

Militants still around, using locals phones to reach Pak handlers : Police


Banks that are too big to fail

What is Xi’s 24 character mantra for China

Can practise but not appear in court : What changes for foreign law firms


Holding joint naval exercises with Russia, Iran this week says China

Want to recover debris of US drone from Black sea : Russia


Startups make a beeline for Gift city to move money after SVB collapse

Exports fall deepens down 8.8% in Feb

Govt appoints ex -RBI official Mohanty as PFRDA chairman

Banks from 18 nations open 30 sepcial vostro account

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