Daily Mains Q&A

Mains Q & A 02 June 2023

Mains Q & A 02 JUNE 2023 Q1. The secret to bolstering their legitimacy and ensuring due diligence in investigations lies in an impartial umbrella organisation that unites the numerous investigative organisations under one roof. Analyse critically. Paper & Topic: GS II – Statutory and Non-Statutory Organizations   Model Answer:   Introduction:    The number […]

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Mains Q & A 26 May 2023

Mains Q & A 26 May 2023 Q1. The criminal justice system requires extensive improvements to ensure efficient application of the law, uphold accountability, have a well-trained personnel, and swift case resolution. Comment. (250 Words) Model Answer: Introduction: The term “criminal justice system” refers to the governmental entities tasked with upholding the law, deciding on

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Mains Q & A 25 May 2023

Mains Q & A 25 May 2023 Q1. India’s Neighbourhood First’ approach is negatively influenced by constitutional crises in the country’s immediate neighborhood. Discuss recent occurrences. (250 words) Model Answer:   Introduction:   The BIMSTEC — a grouping that comprises practically all countries in South Asia and some in South-East Asia—is included in India’s Neighbourhood

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