Privacy Policy

All concerned are requested to read our Privacy Policy carefully. It is a statement that throws light on our practices concerning the manner that the information provided by you is going to be treated by us. In case, you do not approve of our policies and practices, it is advisable not to use the site.

Our Privacy Statement is also incorporated in various services, terms, and conditions, use of the website, and agreements. Thus it is assumed that all concerned who use the website agree with the terms and the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Opt-Out Policy

However, the following mechanisms provided by us allow you to control your information.

  • Cookies: Many web browsers accept cookies automatically. However, a number of the browsers also guide the net surfers on how to receive notifications concerning new cookies. Users can also cease to receive new cookies. Besides, they can disable the already existing ones. However, it should not be forgotten that in case you disable some of the cookies, it might affect the functioning of the site. Some of the parts of the site might not function as fast and effectively as they had been doing earlier.
  • Information and Offers provided by the GEO IAS: In case, you register to seek information or services provided by us, but later feel like opting out of the same, you can e-mail your request at Customer Service at
  • Targeted Advertising: We make use of the information gained by us or provided by you for the sake of advertisements as per the advertisers’ requirements to target the required audiences. However, if you feel like opting out of the service provided by us, you may e-mail your request to the Customer Service at

But, for this opt-out request to function, you would be required to set your browser to accept the browser cookies. It is so because we do not control the use of the information by the third party for the sake of interest-based advertising. Thus, you would be required to request a third party to provide you with the solution if you do not want the information provided by you to be used in a specific manner. Besides, you may visit the NAI i.e., the Network Advertising Initiative website to opt-out of receiving the targeted ads from the NAI members.

How do we collect information and make use of it?

We collect various types of information about our users. The information e.g., name, permanent address, current postal address, contact number, e-mail id, etc., identifies the users. However, the information such as the name of the company that you are employed with does not identify you. The same is the case with your title, the equipment that you make use of to access the site, and the usage details including the internet connection, etc.

The information specified above and the inter-related details are collected by us when you directly provide the same. Much of the information is also gained by us when you ask us for our products and services. The exchange of information is a two-way process. For example, we inform you about your purchases and also the co-related details that might be of use to you. Your consent, of course, would be required. The information thus gained might be supplemented with the details required from the third party for marketing purposes as suitable.

We may use the information gained from you to inform you about the products and/or services that you might find useful. In case, you do not feel like receiving the information, then you may please refer to the OPT-OUT POLICY section. Whenever a user registers for an account with us, some of the information is automatically submitted. It includes the user name and id along with the password. Besides, the information thus gained also encompasses the address of the user including the street, city/state, the zip or the postal code, country, e-mail id, etc. The information is made use of while billing, etc.

However, some of the information required by GEO IAS for registration is optional as it is meant for promotional offers from the Academy. At times, some of the information received about a user may be termed “sensitive” by the applicable law.

However, if you join the institution for the sake of any of the courses, the information thus collected would be just for the sake of authentication. It would include your name and e-mail id, apart from your complete address including street, city/state, zip and/or postal code, etc.

But if you feel like participating in one of the online surveys, or make use of any of the promotional features offered by us, we would ask you for the required information including your name and contact details to administer the promotion or the survey. Finally, we tabulate the results of the survey as required.

The Information Required to Provide You with Customized Services

GEO IAS collects some of the information automatically in order to provide you with customized services. It includes the type of browser and the software version that it uses. As a result, the services offered to you would be tailor-made as per the platform you use. Besides, it also helps maintain a record of your activities on the site.

We make use of the cookies so that navigating through the site gets easier and more interesting for you. It also customizes the information that is being presented to the user. Cookies are the information-carrying little pieces stored on the hard drive of your computer by the browser. Cookies allow the users to specify their preferences. They also help track the user trends and varying patterns.

The IP addresses are automatically recorded in a log file by the webserver software. Though we collect the information concerning the IP address, the IP addresses are usually not linked to the personal information of the users.

But the IP addresses might be used to identify the users if we find it necessary to protect our site, services, customers, etc., or to ensure compliance with our policies.

Third-Party Use of the Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms

Quite a few of the advertisements at our site come from third-party advertisers, the ad networks, and the ad servers. The third parties usually make use of cookies to get information about our users. However, at times, they may also use the cookies along with the web beacons. Besides, several other tracking technologies are also employed at times for the sake of collecting the required information about our users. The information so required by the third parties might encompass the behavioral patterns of the users on this as well as other sites.

The point to be noted is that we seldom control the tracking technologies and/or the manner they are used as employed by the third parties. And once again, if you want to be aware of the know-how of how to opt-out of being informed of the targeted advertising by the multiple providers, kindly refer to the OPT-OUT POLICY section.

Sharing Your Information

We do make use of your personal information in order to contact you for various reasons. It might include e-mailing you the updates to our services. Besides, you are also mailed the relevant information when you make a purchase. Apart from these communications, we keep you informed whenever there is something relevant that might be of interest or use to you.

GEO IAS also forms co-branding alliances with third-party websites and the companies, if so required, for the sake of providing the required products and/or services to the customers. Thus, we might share the personal details (if so required) of any of our customers with a third party, in case you request a product and/or service from either a co-branded site or a co-branded page. However, the third parties are obligated not to share your personal information for any reason other than providing the customers with the products and/or services they have signed up for.

It should be noted in case you join GEO IAS through a co-branded site, including a co-branded registration page, it is our policy not to share more than your summarized data with our third-party partner. But once you submit your personal information, the co-branded site might receive, store and use the same as per its own Privacy Policy. Thus, it is advisable to read the third-party Privacy Policy carefully.

However, the statistics that we provide about our customers do summarize the details about the customers’ preferences and interests, apart from the purchases made by them, and the related site information including the traffic patterns. However, none of the personal information provided to us online is shared by any means in any of the ways other than those that are described in the Privacy Policy.

It is stated very clearly that in case we are required to reveal any of our customers’ personal details as concerned with the government investigation(s) or something of a similar nature as per a lawful proceeding, we would absolutely co-operate with the judicial proceeding(s)/directives/legal process/government investigation/court order, etc.
It should be noted that the personal information of the customers might also stand to exposure as and when our Terms and Conditions are required to be enforced. The same also applies in the case of agreements encompassing the billing and the inter-related payment procedures.

Moreover, we would like to insist that the personal details that are submitted online by the customers are subject to disclosure whenever required in case any of the lawful interests of GEO IAS and/or our customers or others are endangered.
In case of a change in the ownership of GEO IAS, your personal details are likely to be conveyed to the successor or the buyer as the case may be. All concerned would be reasonably informed e.g., by means of a notification on our site whenever there is a change in the ownership or a merger or acquisition of the assets of GEO IAS.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information against Unauthorized Access

As and when required, we make use of SSL i.e., Secure Sockets Layer Server Software to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access. Whenever you place an order or make access to your account information, the entire information is encrypted by SSL even before you send it to us.

A mere glance at the URL helps you identify the secure connection as it begins with “HTTP:” (instead of “HTTP:”). But it must always be kept in mind that although we have taken sufficient measures to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, we cannot guarantee the same as your data is on a global platform at the World Wide Web.
Updating the Information. When you register an account with GEO IAS, you may access and update the personal information that you had provided. However, the original information is still retained in the archive.

In case, you have any queries concerning our Privacy Policy, please email us at the Customer Service at e-mail id

Children Below 13

The site is not meant for children below 13. The registered users should be 18 or above. No information is collected from those below 18 without the consent of their parents. And if that be the case, the entire information is deleted.
In case, you are aware of anybody below 18 who has provided his personal information at our site, that we might not be aware of because of not having knowledge of his/her actual age, please inform us at the e-mail id

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

In case any amendments are made to our Privacy Policy, the same would be posted on the site to make all concerned aware of what and how do we collect the information and the manner in which it is used. After the amendments are made effective, your continued use of our site will be considered as your acceptance of the amendments.
However, if there is a change concerning the manner we use your personal details, the amendments would be posted on the site 30 (thirty) days before they are made effective.