Refund And Cancellation

Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out by GEO IAS, the student may pay the Fee in the prescribed manner. The Fee paid thus shall neither under any circumstances be appropriated/attributed to any other student, nor shall such request be entertained.

Only in the cases of extra payments inadvertently made by the student, the student must write to GEO IAS requesting the refund of such amount and attach all such documents to ascertain his/her claim. GEO IAS will process such application within 15 days and make payments if any byways which include Direct Bank Transfer using NEFT, Cheque, or Cash, GEO IAS shall have the discretion over the mode of such payment. In the case of any discrepancy in transferring the amount due to the bank processes or negligence by the student, GEO IAS shall hold a complete indemnity, though any cooperation requested will be granted.

Note – Also, in case of students who fail to attend the enrolled course or choose to opt-out from any specific course would be given a chance to attend another course/s of the same amount, but in no case, the fee shall qualify to be refunded. Thus, students are advised to take time and enquire about the courses beforehand.

Note – Students who have applied for online courses are in no way allowed to share any kind of material – videos / PDFs, etc. – on any kind of social media. Institute possesses all the IPRs with respect to the material and lecture provided in the course of preparation and sharing of such material would be taken as violation of these rights which make student/group of students / any other party assisting in this regard for example – admins and owners of the social media groups (WhatsApp / Telegram groups or Channels etc.) or website liable for legal action.