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Interview / Personality Test Orientation Session

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  • Tips to secure 200+ marks
  • Do’s and Don’ts in personality test • 
  • Expectation of UPSC panel
  • Question answer session
  • Access to recording of the session


Mock Interview cum guidance Program

Mock interview cum guidance grogram

  • Tips to secure 200+ marks
  • Mock interview by Eminent Personalities
  • How to fill DAF
  • DAF analysis and possible questions
  • Student’s assessment
  • Feedback Session
  • Video Recording
  • Study Material


Target-200 Interview Guidance Program

Edge program by research team

  • Mock interview by Eminent Personalities
  • How to fill DAF
  • 360 deg. keyword analysis based on DAF and possible questions
  • Feedback Session
  • One to one personalized session
  • Student’s assessment
  • Interview specific Current Affairs
  • State specific Current Affairs
  • Panel specific questions
  • Video Recording
  • 30 modules of study material on current affairs
  • Interview specific study material

India's Most Experienced IAS Interview Panel for UPSC 2022

Free UPSC IAS Mock Interview & Guidance Programme for CSE 2022 for all aspirants who cleared UPSC Mains. The Best UPSC Mock Interview online /offline with Eminent Panelists.

Shri N.C. Sharma (Retd. IAS)

* Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Madhya Pradesh



Shri M. Ravichandran (Retd. IAS)


* Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Gujarat

Shri P.S. Ahuja (Retd.IPS)

Former Director General of Police, Rajasthan

Shri M. Ayyar (Retd. IES)

(Retd. Advisor to the Govt. of India)

Shri Anuj K. Singh (Retd. IAS)

* Executive Director National Institute of Disaster Management Govt. of India

Jyeshtha Maitrei (IPS)

Addl. SP, Alwar, Rajasthan

Shri Narsimha Reddy (IFS)

DCF, Telangana Forest Dept

Shri Deepankar Choudhary (IAS)

SDM Deoghar

Shri Rakumar M (IFS)

Divisional Forest Officer, Kohima

Shri Suvendu Patra (IPS)

ASP, Angul

Shri M.K. Upadhyay (Retd. IG)

Shri A. K. Mahto(Retd. IAS)

Former Secretary To Govt. of India Ministry of Home Affairs


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Interview / Personality Test Orientation Session

Free IAS/UPSC interview special orientation session for UPSC mains qualified aspirants. Everything which you need to know once you have cleared UPSC mains exam will be discussed. You will get specific tips to secure more than 200 marks in the personality test round. You will have to register freely to join the session.

  • Tips to secure 200+ marks
  • Do’s and Don’ts in personality test •
  • Expectation of UPSC panel
  • Question answer session
  • Access to recording of the session

Enroll for IAS/UPSC 

Mock Interview cum guidance Program

The IAS mock interview program is the most sought after interview program of India, We have produced AIR 5th, 7th, 31st, 39th in IAS exam.

Features of the program

  1. Tips to secure 200+ marks
  2. Mock interview by Eminent Personalities
  3. How to fill DAF
  4. DAF analysis and possible questions
  5. Performance evaluation and feedback
  6. Personality analysis by Ex-UPSC Board members & our Senior Mock Interview Experts
  7. The five members interview panel which consist of Retd. Civil Servants, Ex-UPSC Board members, psychologists and subject experts.
  8. Each UPSC-IAS mock interview will be video recorded and the same will be made available to the candidate for self analysis.
  9. Video recording of mock interview available right after the interview for self-evaluation
  10. Study Material

UPSC Personality Test (PT), the third door which needs to be unlocked for stepping into LBSNAA. an aspirant need not slog with the books again either before the result or after the result. All what is needed is, to keep abreast with the latest national and international events and go through the DAF thoroughly. Irrespective of the background of the candidate, PT will invariably have two ingredients without fail. 

  • Ingredient one – questions based on DAF
  • Ingredient two – questions revolving around current affairs. 

The programme will focus on novel ways of presentation, communication, body language, emotional stability, sense of empathy and answering mechanism. The interview panel, besides checking and updating candidates on their knowledge of day to day affairs of national and international importance, will specifically also check for qualities such as – balance of judgment, clear and logical exposition, intellectual and moral integrity, mental alertness and ability for social cohesion and leadership.

This program helps you to fill DAF carefully and to make you aware about all possible questions, which may be asked.

In the mock interview for IAS/UPSC you may also be required to answer some questions related to general awareness, reasoning, and other subjects as well. This kind of mock interview is very important for the students as it will help them to analyze their true potential and how ready they are for the real personal interview round that will be conducted by the UPSC. By attending this UPSC mock interview, you can increase your selection chances. This UPSC mock interview consists of an oral presentation about the job description and answers questions relating to the specific duties and responsibilities of the job. The governing bodies of IAS, UPSC would certainly look for the above-mentioned qualities in the candidates appearing for the interview.

Why Should You Join IAS Mock Interview Program?

  1. Feedback by experts helps in improving performance in actual UPSC interview
  2. Rigorous and comprehensive analysis of DAF
  3. Video recorded session for self-assessment
  4. Distribution of 30 modules covering current affairs relevant for UPSC interview.
  5. Feedback on body posture, body language and speaking style of the candidate.
  6. Understanding the demand and the psychology of the interview board
  7. The program has the history of producing toppers like AIR 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th in IAS exam.

The UPSC IAS Mock interview is a well-prepared and beneficial practice interview, conducted by an experienced panel of industry-leading experts. The purpose is to prepare students for genuine IAS interviews and build the necessary confidence for the real interview. This mock interview helps students develop and refine their interview technique and strategy so that they are well prepared when it comes to face-to-face interviews with interview board. This preparation also enables students to know what kind of questions may be asked during the actual interview and prepare themselves accordingly. The interviewers encourage candidates to raise any of the mentioned areas during the interview and gauge their performance. Candidates who are able to answer the questions accurately and confidently indicate that they have extra chances to secure a good position.

What Are The Advantages Of IAS Mock Interview Program?

There are a number of advantages of taking the IAS interview. This is particularly useful in preparing for the interview in case you have never had the opportunity to sit in one. Most of the questions relate to your knowledge of the language, but you will also have to demonstrate your ability to use it in real-life situations. As such, it is important to practice answering the questions until you feel comfortable answering them. When you do get the chance to appear in a real interview, you won’t end up stumbling when it comes to your turn to answer a question.

Target-200 Interview Guidance Program

  1. Mock interview by Eminent Personalities
  2. How to fill DAF
  3. 360 deg. keyword analysis based on DAF and possible questions
  4. Feedback Session
  5. Personalised DAF profiling sessions
  6. Student’s assessment
  7. Personalised current affairs session
  8. State specific Current Affairs
  9. Panel specific questions
  10. Interview specific study material
  11. One to one interaction with top faculties of India
  12. Distribution of 30 modules including all important issues that can be asked in the interview
  13. Repetition of mock interview if needed.
  14.  Video recording of mock interview available right after the interview for self-evaluation
  15. 30 modules of study material on current affairs 

This programme will support a candiate with all possible developments. Your DAF shall be analyzed in detail so as to cover each and every aspect of your personality and you shall be groomed to that level. All the questionnaires shall be formed in such a way that you will get all the possible questions that can be asked in the UPSC Interview.W e shall focus more on “What not to do?” first and then “What to do?”.

  • It shall focus on questions such as:
    1. Questions on Personal profile,
    2. Dos and Don’ts in UPSC Personality Test,
    3. Questions on Home State,
    4. Questions on Hobbies and Interests, and
    5. Questions on Optional Subjects.

One on one personalized sessions with Interview specialist team will help you learn

  1. How to keep stability of mind in Interview?
  2. How to keep your calm despite any question in the Interview?
  3. How to tackle difficult questions and those based on decision making by keeping the presence of mind?

The student would be assessed and improved in the 3 categories:

  • Objectivity: Here the factual base of the student would be made strong.
  • Opinion: The IAS Personality Test is about the opinion of the aspirant on various topics. Hence it is important to understand the opinion-based questions and your opinion on this.
  • Situational: There shall be many questions in which you shall be put in many situations. We shall prepare you for situational based questions as well.

Then the student shall be groomed through the following:

  • There will be “Special classes on Factual and Analytical building”.
  • Parliamentary sessions which include situations like Government vs Opposition and the issues of India which will help your critical thinking in the Interview Hall.
  • Trips in rural India for ground level exposure.

 UPSC Mock Interview sessions shall be done under the expert guidance of 3-5 Bureaucrats which shall give you the feeling of Final UPSC Personality Test.

  • There shall be feedback and more emphasis shall be on “What not to do?” than, “What to do?” in the Personality Test UPSC.
    1. Why should we not read the transcripts of the Interview?
    2. Why should we not know the background of Board members?
    3. Why should we not give long answers?

Questions on current affairs will be provide which will have different shades and flavours. Some questions could appear to be seeking your opinion (opinion based questions), putting you in a situation (situational questions) or just seeking some facts from you (factual questions). However, it must be kept in mind that these questions are not really to check your knowledge or to see how good your oratory skills are. These questions have a different purpose altogether and that purpose is to know about your personality.

They are trying to see if you have the personality attributes which make you suitable for civil services. Board is trying to see if you are truthful (if you accept that you don’t know an answer), to see if you are a well-informed person (what is this Ukraine crisis?), to see if you have the ability to make an opinion (do you think India should have abstained from voting on a US-sponsored UN Security Council resolution on Ukraine resolution?), to see if you are willing to accept other’s point of view (board members disagreeing with the candidate intentionally), to check your presence of mind (board asking series of difficult questions followed by a straight forward and simple question), to see if you have the ability to grasp essentials of the question quickly etc.