What to read from Newspapers 06 JUNE 2023

What to read from Newspapers 06 June 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Front Page

Railways to secure signalling equipment with double locks

GS-3 Railways

Read about issues affecting Railway sector and solution for the same

Prelims – Goomty

Service sector at a fast clip in May, shows PMI

Prelims – PMI – uses and benefits

NIRF rankings: IIT-M retains top spot

Syllabus – GS -2 Education

Read about Issue facing higher education in India – Ways to resolve it

Read about NIRF, HECI – British commissions for education in India – Hunter, Macaulay etc

Monsoon stares at a cyclone threat

Syllabus GS -1 Geography

Read about Monsoon – Cyclones- Importance and working of monsoon- Impact of cyclones on Monsoon


Time to give up on the vaunted but unproven ‘paleo diet’

Prelims – Paleo Diet

Satellites, AI to help certify fields growing organic cotton

GS- 3 Science and Technology- Space

Read about benefits of Space technology in Agriculture sector


‘Curbing cyber risk requires global effort’

Syllabus – GS -3 Cybersecurity

OPEC+ deal swells risk of oil price rise: Birol

Syllabus – GS -2 Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests / Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate.

Prelims – OPEC and OPEC +


Iranian embassy to reopen in Saudi Arabia today

GS -1 – World History / GS -2 -Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

Read about Iranian Revolution – Impact on India due to Middle east countries getting closer to China – India and Iran and Gulf countries relationship

UN body faults U.S., other states over Guantanamo prisoner torture

Prelims – Map marking – Guantanamo

U.S. releases video showing close call in Taiwan Strait with Chinese destroyer

Prelims – Map marking Taiwan Strait


NIRF: IIT-Madras retains number one spot

Prelims Read about First IIT – Sarkar committee

World must be adequately prepared for next pandemic, cautions Health Secretary

Syllabus – GS -2 Health

Draft of cybersecurity agreement outlined for G-20 countries

GS -3 Cyber security

Prelims – Read about critical infrastructures and G20

Railways signal-telecom wing needs a leg up; monopoly-like state invites subpar outcome

GS-3 Railways

Read about issues affecting Railway sector and solution for the same

IRCTC walks the extra mile to facilitate insurance settlements

Prelims – IRCTC

India, U.S. finalise road map for defence industrial cooperation

GS -2 Bilateral Relationship

Text & Context

The decade-long search for a rare Higgs boson decay continues (GS-3)


Dealing with deepfakes (GS-3)

Accidents decline, but expenses on safety remain low (GS-3)


In the short term, stabilise the Line of Actual Control (GS-2)

Tragic track (GS-2)


Eye on oil (GS-3)

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

Front Page

Quick fix for green signal to Coromandel likely cause of Odisha train accident

IIT Madras top institution for 5th yr, IISC top varsity: National ranking

Govt & Politics

India to US: Ease defence sale norms, transfer of technology

Germany keen on submarine tech cooperation with India says Pistorius

Kerala launches high-speed net project

Express Network

Three days after accident, rlys orders countrywide safety drive on signalling


No sisterhood

Stepping backwards

The BRICS rush

Ideas Page

Not so open learning

Its time for Africa


UK PM Sunak confirms govt’s plans to house illegal migrants on ships


System failure in train crash

2000 withdrawal: What’s in store for Banks, depositors?


State’s subsidy bill rises 19% to 2.8 trillion outpaces capex

Monetary Policy: Why will RBI go for an extended pause?


Services output rises at second fastest pace in 133 years in May: PMI

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