What to read from Newspapers 11 January 2023

What to read from Newspapers 11 January 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

‘Excluding civil servants from a State’s realm negates autonomy’; page 2 (GS II)

Centre’s stand sought on sale of coronary stents after clinical studies; page 3 (GS II)

Munda addresses first G20 working group meeting on financial inclusion; page 3 (GS II)

Study sheds light on how blackbuck survive challenges; page 5 (GS III)

U.S. Ambassadors fund to help restore Paigah Tombs complex in Hyderabad; page 5 (prelims)

Lessons from Russia’s Ukraine war; page 6 (GS II)

The beginning of India’s cultural renaissance; page 6 (GS I)

Barking up the wrong tree; page 7 (GS II)

Decriminalising homosexuality, but no same-sex marriage; page 7 (GS I, II)

The stalemate between Telangana and AP; page 8 (GS II)

The ‘Union’ government sends out a message of unity and confluence; page 9 (GS II)

Constitution Bench to take up Section 6A of Citizenship Act for preliminary determination; page 10 (GS II)

No change in air quality in most cities covered by national programme; page 10 (GS III)

With trade pact becoming a reality, Australian PM set to visit India; page 11 (GS II)

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

Murmu: Indian diaspora making stellar contributions in leadership positions; page 11 (GS II)

SC: Will first decide on constitutional validity of Sec 6A; page 12 (GS II)

Micro-seismic observatories being set up at Joshimath: Union Minister; page 13 (GS III)

Migrant fruit-seller near RBI headquarters in Mumbai is now part of key pilot project – Launched by RBI; page 13 (GS III)

The game in perspective; page 14 (GS III)

Supreme Dharma; page 14 (GS II)

Lesson from Udupi; page 14 (GS I, II)

India, The bridge; page 15 (GS II)

The future is international; page 15 (GS II)

If Japan goes nuclear; page 15 (GS II)

Delhi still most polluted city, 3 from Bihar placed in top 10; page 17 (GS III)

What is cold wave, why Northwest India is shivering; page 18 (GS I)

Ozone hole, filing up now; page 18 (GS III)

Delegated legislation; page 18 (GS II)

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