What to read from Newspapers 12 May 2023

What to read from Newspapers 12 May 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Front Page

EPFO issues guidelines for employees, pensioners to opt for higher pension 


Will continue efforts to curb inflation: FM 


Centre may notify emissions trading scheme by June 

Play-based learning material for 3-8 age group launched 

Only Parliament can amend the law to provide a uniform marriage age, says top court 

‘Judiciary can’t take a call on anomalies in grounds for divorce’ 

India is ‘first responder’ during natural disasters: PM 

Text & Context

The microbiome link to autism spectrum disorders 

Can we use moon dust to slow down global warming? 


The problems with the Data Protection Bill 

Law to raise marital age is not enough as enforcement is poor 


Slow progress to creating a safe workplace for women

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The Indian Express Important News Articles


Front Page

EPFO allows employees to now opt for higher pension

Govt & Politics

SC : Not everything said amounts to hate speech

SC junks PIL seeking uniform age of marriage


Thaw in the valley

Get to work

Ideas Page

Our languages, our selves


Millions in India, Pak at risk from Glacial Lake Floods says study

Designation of senor counsel : What Centre wants


Japan seeks urgent UNSC meeting as N Korea test fires two more missiles


Banks, NBFCs stop lending to apps under loan default guarantee model


Remittances for overseas studies fall 42 % in first 9 months of FY 23

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