What to read from Newspapers 15 December 2022

What to read from Newspapers 15 December 2022

The Hindu

1. SC gives Centre three months to form T.N.-Karnataka water disputes tribunal; page 3 (GS II)

2. Geographical Indication tag sought for Kerala’s legendary Beypore Uru; page 5 (prelims)

3. Building climate resilience collectively; page 6 (GS III)

4. Warning sign; page 6 (GS III)

5. Energy conundrum; page 6 (GS III)

6. Census as a mirror of past and present; page 7 (GS I)

7. How gene therapy could cure cancer; page 8 (GS III)

8. Why are India’s slowing exports a cause for concern?; page 8 (GS III)

9. The race of two Asian giants: the story of India and China so far; page 9 (GS II)

10. Need for fiscal prudence in implementing PFMS: panel; page 10 (prelims)

11. Ahead of UNSC session, Pak. raises claims against India; page 13 (GS II)

12. Understanding the fusion energy breakthrough announced by the U.S.; page 13 (GS III)

The Indian Express

1. Jaishankar takes swipe at China, Pak: Protecting those perpetrating terror; page 10 (GS II)

2. A bigger capex push; page 12 (GS III)

3. Let’s recognise Equality; page 12 (GS I)

4. The Subsidy Spike; page 12 (GS III)

5. Galwan to Tawang; page 13 (GS III)

6. A silent revolution; page 13 (GS I)

7. A bond that holds firm; page 13 (GS I)

8. India’s trade with CHina; page 15 (GS II)

9. As Earth heat up, Arctic faces disproportionate Impact: NOAA; page 15 (GS III)

10. Beyond OPS vs NPS, question of India’s broken pension system; page 15 (GS II)

11. Banks jack up deposit rates, MCLR after RBI raises repo; page 17 (GS III)

12. G20 wants to build concensus on crypto assets; page 17 (GS III)

13. Russia replaces Iraq as India’s top oil supplier; page 17 (GS III)

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