What to read from Newspapers 15 May 2023

What to read from Newspapers 15 May 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles


FM seeks quick fix for MCA 21 portal glitches 


In meeting with Raisi, Xi vows ‘unswerving’ support 

Beijing tells U.S. to investigate balloons 


Army set to close around 80 deals worth ₹15,000 cr., says Gen.

‘Larger Bench must examine subversion of 10th Schedule’ 

Modi, Biden hail deal between Air India, Boeing 

Medical assistance worth ₹7 crore given to quake-hit Turkey and
Syria: Minister

Text & Context

Leveraging J&K’s lithium reserves 


Ladakh, a fragile region, needs autonomy 

Education, more than wealth, determines women’s marital age 


Shaping a more disabled-friendly digital ecosystem 

Fossil and time


Disturbing dilation 

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The Indian Express Important News Articles


Front Page

Modi, Macron, Biden announce 470 Airbus, Boeing planes for AI

Express Network

New data projects 4% increase in wheat production this fiscal

India does not believe in cut and dried solutions for countries in need : Rajnath

Mumbai, Dhaka, London, NY in line of threat from rising sea level, says WMO report


Hindi in the world

Ideas Page

Japan and the global South

Green transition enabler


The missing Dy speaker : The post and what the constitution says

Geo heritages and geo relics

High altitude balloons


War in critical phase, Kyiv appeals for jets


Why does RBIs household survey see retail inflation staying elevated?


WPI eases to 2-year low of 4.73% in Jan

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