What to read from Newspapers 16 May 2023

What to read from Newspapers 16 May 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Front Page

SC reveals Govt Objections: ‘gay… posts critical of PM

Why ITs draft rules on PIBs fact checks can do with a few more checks

Govt & Politics

Centre’s duty to follow SCs MoP order says Law Minister

On other proposals for Judges, SC collegium looks at Govt concerns

Want normal relations, but Pak must stop terror: India

Express Network

Hybrid Covid immunity offers more cover than infection says study


A hollow peace offer

Home and classroom


US hits $31 trillion borrowing limit, fiscal crisis likely


Maldives polls, India’s concerns


FAME probe: Six more EV makers under scanner

Tethering inflation is 2023 focus: RBI report

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The Indian Express Important News Articles


Front Page

SC Collegium firm on appointing gay lawyer as HC judge 


RBI to guide inflation towards 4% target by 2024: officials 

‘UAE, India discuss rupee non-oil trade 


Russia warns of escalation if West supplies more arms 


Women officers in command soon 

Collegium system will continue, says Law Minister 

National Export Cooperative Society to trade nano fertilizers, dairy products in 3 months

Scrapping of scheme did not raise price of rice: Food Secretary


Judging a decade of the POCSO Act 


Flip the page to the chapter on middle schoolchildren 

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