What to read from Newspapers 19 December 2022

What to read from Newspapers 19 December 2022

The Hindu Articles

1. Citizenship path to be eased for 6 minority groups from 3 nations; page 1 (GS II)

2. Maharashtra to have Lokayukta law on the lines of the Centre’s Lokpal; page 4 (GS II)

3. India’s crushing court backlogs, out-of-the box reform; page 6 (GS II)

4. Good governance beyond motherhood and apple pie; page 6 (GS II)

5. Iran at a political crossroads; page 7 (GS II)

6. Decriminalisation of offences under GST; page 8 (GS II, III)

7. Deep fake technology: how and why China is planning to regulate it; page 9 (GS III)

8. Missile destroyer INS Mormugao commissioned into Indian Navy; page 10 (prelims)

9. Northeast is not last part of country but gateway for trade and ties: Modi; page 11 (GS II)

10. Maoists trying to revive base in trijunction: agencies; page 11 (GS III)

11. Inclusion of communities on ST list still on the backburner; page 11 (GS II)

12. India pushes for new biodiversity fund; page 12 (GS III)

13. Concern over Chinese contractors holds up India-Nepal power trade; page 12 (GS II)

The Indian Express Articles

1. Government plans to raise duty on non-essential goods; page 5 (GS III)

2. INS Mormugao shining example of our defense production capabilities; page 9 (prelims)

3. A mighty river; page 11 (GS I)

4. The sovereign, undermined; page 11 (GS III)

5. INS Mormugao, the Navy’s new guided missile destroyer; page 13 (GS III)

6. Review petition; page 13 (GS II)

7. Acid attacks: the crime, the law, regulation, and compensation; page 13 (GS II)

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