What to read from Newspapers 20 December 2022

What to read from Newspapers 20 December 2022

The Hindu Articles

1. COP-15 summit adopts historic biodiversity deal; page 1 (GS III)

2. A role for India in a world wide web; page 6 (GS II)

3. The cost to the country just for savings in CTC; page 6 (GS III)

4. A planet in crisis; page 6 (GS III)

5. The minimum tax on big businesses; page 8 (GS III)

6. What are carbon markets and how do they operate?; page 8 (GS III)

7. Contextualising Ambedkar’s idea of a moral democracy; page 9 (GS I)

8. 80% decline in insurgency-related violence in northeast: Minister; page 10 (GS III)

9. LS passes Bill to extend ST status to Betta-Kuruba; page 10 (prelims)

10. Russian ‘kamikaze’ drones hit Kyiv as President Putin arrives in Belarus; page 13 (prelims)

11. Monetary policy is hostage to veg prices: PMEAC member; page 14 (GS III)


The Indian Express Articles

1. Emission dip, Government may make ‘green steel’ mandatory: Scindia; page 7 (prelims)

2. Governing India in 2047: A team of young civil servants, academics, entrepreneurs has a vision; page 12 (GS II)

3. Trends in organ donation; page 15 (GS III)

4. Putin arrives in Belarus as over 30 Russian ‘kamikaze’ drones hit kyiv; page 16 (prelims)

5. Hostage crisis: No success in talks between Pak and Taliban militants; page 16 (GS II)

6. ‘Encryption is a social question…needs healthy debate among government, cos and citizens’; page 17 (GS III)

7. Government notifies six insurance regulations of IRDAI; page 17 (GS III)


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