What to read from Newspapers 27 February 2023

What to read from Newspapers 27 February 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

1) CBI arrests Sisodia in Delhi Excise policy case : page 1,10
2) All set for Assembly polls in Meghalaya, Nagaland: page 1,10
3) Militants gun down Kashmiri Pandit : page 1
4) Towards transparency in OTT regulation: page 7
5) MGNREGS woes : page 7
6) eSanjeevani is a great boon : page 12
7) Russia accuses U.S. and allies of open blackmail ahead of G – 20 : page 13

Front Page

Adding Adani firms in 14 NSE indices raises worry



Russia accuses U.S., allies of ‘open blackmail’ ahead of G-20 Foreign Ministers’ meet

Despite crisis, it’s a good time to invest in Sri Lanka, say Colombo-based Indian CEOs



Not derailed by time, Kolkata trams strut their stuff

Mann says Pakistan, other nations funding Khalistan supporters

eSanjeevani is a great boon, shows power of digital India: Modi

India, U.K agree to make progress on trade pact

What was done to end manual scavenging, SC asks govt.

SC intrigued by the lack of ‘protection officers’ for domestic violence cases


Text & Context

The sophisticated anatomy of heat waves

Are menstrual leave policies implemented globally?



MGNREGS in disarray: payment delays, tech issues, and budget cuts



Smoke signals from the renewable energy sphere

Reducing pain

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

1) Delhi’s Dy CM Sisodia arrested by CBI : page 1,12
2) Voice behind Seattle caste ban : page 1,12
3) consultation app is now a lifesaver : page 5
4) 30 tigers die in 2 months: page 8
5) The power of narrative: page 11
6) The cosmopolitan urge : page 11
7) Russia, Iran to take part in UN’s human right council meeting: page 12
8) Swiss made : page 13
9) Hard vs soft landing: page 14

Front Page

Keep airport secret, said Home, but wraps on clearance of entire Great Nicobar project

Voice behind Seattle caste ban : Received outpouring of support


Govt & Politics

Consultation app is now a lifesaver for common people : PM

Modi to release third PM_KISAN instalment in Belagavi today

Centre to honour Karnataka Banjara community leader


Express Network

Amritpal supporters just few in number.. funding comes from Pak : Mann

Govt plans multimedia campaign to promote flagship schemes

30 tiger die in 2 months, officials say no cause for alarm

Govt plans 10 clen plant centres to boost fruit crop production

Litigation symbolic of need for reforms in medical education : CJI



Delhi’s G-20 test

The real sena

Delhi’s G-20 test

The new abnormal


Ideas Page

The power of narrative

Bank that doesn’t assure



RPP withdraws support from PM Prachanda led alliance of seven

Russia Iran to take part in UN’s human rights council meeting



Direct benefit transfer at 5.5 trillion so far ; to surpass FY 22 level



Hard vs soft landing

Indian defence exports : Eye on $5bn target what’s the state of play now

10) Indian defence exports: page 14

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