What to read from Newspapers 30 January 2023

What to read from Newspapers 30 January 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Student enrolments in higher studies rose by 7.5% in 202021: AISHE data; page 1 (GS II)

Centre must intervene to ensure that neighbouring States give us more water; page 2 (GS II)

In NREGA reforms, prioritise the worker and her dues; page 6 (GS II)

The Indian university is in a free fall; page 7 (GS II)

India’s call to modify the Indus Waters Treaty; page 8 (GS II)

Dementia: the nature of the disease, how it progresses and ways you can help others; page 9 (GS II)

Lessons from Ukraine war: UAVs, missiles are likely future threats; page 10 (GS III)

Sub-categorisation committee for OBCs gets 14th extension; page 10 (GS II)

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

UNSC does not reflect today’s realities, is paralysed, says UNGA president; page 7 (GS II)

India and Mongolia: Long historical ties; page 7 (GS II)

Rare plateau found by ARI team could hold clues to plant survival amid climate change; page 9 (GS III)

Gandhi in Amrit Kaal; page 10 (GS I)

The Shape of Water; page 10 (GS II)

Securing supplies; page 10 (GS III)

Census matter; page 10 (GS II)

Enforcing the patent bargain; page 11 (GS III)

The inflation in Milk; page 13 (GS III)

Polat Vortex; page 13 (GS I)

Mughal Gardens to Amrit Udyan: a short history; page 13 (GS I)

How tech firms misread pandemic demand and left workers out in cold; page 15 (GS III)

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