What to read from Newspapers 31 January 2023

What to read from Newspapers 31 January 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Plan in place to eradicate invasive plant species from Kerala’s wildlife habitat; page 6 (GS III)

Tasks for India’s millet revolution; page 8 (GS III)

Water woes; page 8 (GS II)

SC to examine pleas on electoral bond scheme today; page 12 (GS II)

Centre to roll out process to set up 16th Finance Commission soon; page 13 (GS II)

‘General Assembly divided over UN reforms’; page 14 (GS II)

G20’ s EWG to discuss social issues, labour, employment; page 14 (GS II)

India said to use emergency law to lift coal power output; page 16 (GS III)

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

Budget signal from state to FM: Capital spending gets boost; page 3 (GS III)

Gender gap in undergraduate widens, gains of last few years lost to pandemic; page 3 (GS II)

Ukraine war makes obvious UNSC must be reformed: UNGA chief; page 11 (GS II)

A push for small business; page 14 (GS III)

Let diplomacy flow; page 15 (GS II)

Treating the middle class fairly; page 15 (GS III)

4 things to look out for in Union Budget to be presented this week; page 17 (GS III)

Turkey hints at allowing Finland into NATO prior to Sweden’s bid; page 18 (GS II)

FMCG players see appetite for millets, widen product baskets; page 19 (GS III)

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