What to read from Newspapers 6 February 2023

What to read from Newspapers 6 February 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

U.S. shoots down balloon, Beijing warns of response; page 1 (GS II)

India’s just energy transition is more than a coal story; page 6 (GS III)

The discrepancies in the latest AISHE report; page 7 (GS II)

Scientists’ take on the Union Budget 2023-24; page 8 (GS III)

Action on child marriage leaves girls in distress; page 10 (GS II)

Five new appointments in SC signal that collegium has prevailed over Union govt.; page 11 (GS II)

‘Capital flows and commodity prices could still pose concerns’; page 12 (GS III)

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The Indian Express Important News Articles

Andhra’s Guaranteed Pension Scheme model catches the attention of Centre; page 3 (GS II)

Not just crude, coriander seed imports too spice up Russian trade; page 3 (GS III)

SEWA to join fight to tackle heat challenge: Hillary; page 10 (GS III)

Dole to development; page 12 (GS III)

An Embattled green; page 12 (GS III)

Betting on Recovery; page 12 (GS II)

A silent strike on the poor; page 13 (GS III)

Price-cap, energy geo-politics; page 13 (GS II, III)

Cutting the NREGA budget; page 14 (GS III)

China threatens to hit back after US shoots down balloon; page 16 (GS II)

Europe bans Russian diesel, oil products over Ukraine war; page 16 (GS II)

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