What to read from Newspaper 12 December 2022

What to read from Newspaper 12 December 2022

The Hindu

1. Stop grading terrorists as good and bad: India in UN; page 1 (GS III)

2. India urged to adopt ASEAN consensus on Myanmar; page 1 (GS II)

3. Arunachal yields a potentially new songbird; page 3 (prelims)

4. The role of the ‘China Test’ in India’s grand strategy; page 6 (GS II)

5. On amending the cooperative societies Act; page 8 (GS III)

6. What are the existing laws on religious conversions?; page 8 (GS II)

7. What is end-to-end encryption and why are tech companies focusing on it?; page 8 (GS III)

8. Crypto regulation a key focus area as G20 finance talks begin tomorrow; page 10 (GS III)

9. Enforcement agencies stepping up action against pro-Khalistan forces; page 10 (GS III)

10. ‘India needs policies which focus on job-rich growth and equality to move forward’; page 12 (GS III)

11. ‘Clean Ganga’ changes course to conservation, tourism, livelihood; page 12 (GS III)

The Indian Express

1. First urea, now DAP: High use of subsidised fertilisers raises crop yield fears; page 3 (GS III)

2. TIPRA forms panel for ethnic and religious inclusivity; page 11 (prelims)

3. Listen to the President; page 12 (GS II)

4. Unhealthy Subsidies; page 12 (GS III)

5. A baseless blame game; page 13 (GS I)

6. Focus on commercial use of NavIc, ISRO’s future satellites to get additional frequency; page 14 (GS III)

7. The Centre’s subsidy bill; page 15 (GS II)

8. G20 Finance Track: Infra, crypto, sustainable finance on checklist; page 17 (GS II)

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