What to read from Newspapers 13 February 2023

What to read from Newspapers 13 February 2023

The Hindu Important News Articles

Front Page

Former SC judge among 6 new Governors appointed
Maharishi Dayanand removed evils falsely attributed to religion: Modi
4G in name only: data needles stutter in ‘grey spots’ in India
Ambedkar’s letter of resignation as Law Minister missing from records


China planning Aksai Chin railway line to connect Tibet and Xinjiang
After two downings, U.S. jet shoots down new mystery ‘object’ over Canada
Arab leaders warn Israeli actions in West Bank, Jerusalem threaten regional turmoil


In eternal city, a river comes to die a slow death under pollution, neglect
MGNREGS suffers as Centre’s dues to 14 States amount to ₹6,157 crore
‘EU cannot help prop up a repressive regime in Kabul’
Four HCs get Chief Justices, but two will retire in February
‘Indo-U.S. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to be flight-tested this year’
Aero India flies high with 98 participating nations
‘India must plan for wheat export as record yield expected’
Central agencies gear up to strengthen framework as FATF evaluations near


Service firms on recovery path, manufacturing still a concern


The spirit of the law lies in this dissenting judgment
India-U.S. space cooperation, from handshake to hug
Not losing steam


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The Indian Express Important News Articles

Front Page

Retd SC Judge, 2 Army officers among Govs for 12 states. one UT
Aero show starts today : Focus on joint development and exports
Real return turn positive , depositors move funds to FDs

Govt & Politics

Bais sitting on EC opinion unethical : Ex -CECs
Modi hails legacy of Dayanand Saraswati

Express Network

2 terror suspects held, planned to leave for Afghanistan : NIA
New Chief justices appointed to 4 HCs
MIIRA : India readies plan to popularize millets on world stage


Saving the investor
Growing with UP
Doval in Moscow
The pull of fast fashion

Ideas Page

India’s fiscal dilemma
The missing state


Unidentified object hovering above Canada shot down : PM


July’s rate revisions, inflation and better compliance boost mop –up


Protected speech of MPs : its history, reasons for curbs
What farm exports data show

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